PABX and VOIP Solutions

Miraflex offers a variety of PABX systems to fit your telephone communication needs. We can design multi-array systems using Panasonic, Forth or other reliable brands. Panasonic adds a new dimension to everyday lifestyles through their business products and delivers safety, security, convenience, and comfort through their business solutions. FORTH has been producing PABXs since 2015 and they are still continuing to develop and upgrade their products to make them the world standard PABX produced by Thai engineers. At present FORTH is top rated in the local market and exports to more than 20 countries.

VOIP Solutions (IP PBX) Companies doing international business will benefit from a VOIP system in lieu of traditional long distance services. Having a reliable VOIP system is essential as lost calls and transmissions can cost business. Miraflex can help select and install the correct VIOP for your business. VOIP can be a benefit for reducing communication and infrastructure costs. Examples includeRouting phone calls over existing data networks to avoid the need for separate voice and data network

  • Conference calling, IVR, call forwarding, automatic redial, and caller ID features that traditional telecommunication companies normally charge extra for are available free of charge from open source VOIP implementations.
  • Costs are lower, mainly because of the way Internet access is billed compared to regular telephone calls. While regular telephone calls are billed by the minute or second, VOIP calls are billed per megabyte (MB). In other words, VOIP calls are billed per amount of information (data) sent over the Internet and not according to the time connected to the telephone network. In practice the amount charged for the data transferred in a given period is far less than that charged for the amount of time connected on a regular telephone line. At Miraflex we understand how to choose, implement, and configure the correct VOIP system for you.