IT System Audits

Miraflex uses real-world expertise and information technology experience to help clients solve their business challenges. We offer various kinds of consulting services including business software solutions, network troubleshooting, systems auditing, and systems optimization.

Miraflex System Auditing Service is designed to help you achieve objectives for your computing environment in response to business growth and expansion, including implementation of network mission-critical applications and seamless migration of systems.

Why hire an outside auditor?

Executives need objective information on which to base decisions, but, understanding today’s enterprise IT operation is frequently a challenge. The typical large IT environment has been amassed over several decades. It is a labyrinth of hardware and software with one technology layered on top of another. Some systems have been written in-house and some purchased from third parties. With this in mind management needs to know where operations are vulnerable, and what changes are necessary to ensure secure and efficient network function. It is often difficult to get an objective assessment of the situation from internal sources or traditional industry sources. Miraflex offers an objective view of your network.

Miraflex System Auditing Service

  • Identify your IT goals, critical success factors, and methodologies for the network architectures
  • Audit current architectures, methodologies, operations, and personnel
  • Identify the new architecture required to support your IT goals and business drivers
  • Prepare report of the current environment and complete recommendation for the management, including business continuity planning and key architectural initiatives.